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Safe Workplace Policy

Author: Leanne Coffman

When to Use

Cultivating a safe working environment is essential for employers. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers must protect workers from hazards in the workplace and seek methods to eliminate or prevent dangerous conditions.

For non-compliant employers, penalties from an inspection can be extremely costly. Very serious offenders may be subject to steep fines. In addition to the outward cost of citations, employers will also have to make immediate corrections of unsafe conditions following the inspection, which usually comes at a higher-than-usual fee, due to the expediency involved.

Apart from issues of legalities and fines from OSHA, creating a safer work environment is smart business practice. Even small, but frequent accidents and injuries add up to big expenses for employers, causing increases in workers' compensation claims, reducing productivity and lowering morale. Ethically, employers should care about the wellbeing of employees and seek to create ways to prevent accidents and injuries.