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Visitor Policy

Author: Jessica Sussman

When to Use

An employer's policy regarding visitors is important because it addresses workplace security policy issues and explains the measures an employer will take to keep its employees, property, premises and third parties safe and secure. Unauthorized or unattended visitors may present a variety of issues for employers as they can steal intellectual property, injure themselves or cause harm to employees. For these reasons, employers should include a detailed visitor policy in the employee handbook.

The level of security and rules regarding visitors that an employer chooses to include in the policy will likely depend of the type of business the employer conducts. Employers who handle more sensitive work and have confidential and proprietary information in the workplace will generally have a greater need for tight security measures and strict visitor policies. Similarly, larger companies, and those that have industrial operations, should place more restrictions on visitors in the workplace for safety reasons, including wearing an identification badge and requiring all visitors to be escorted by an employee at all times while on the employer's premises.

Employees should sign an acknowledgment that they have received and agree to comply with the visitor policy. The visitor policy should lay out the expectations for all employees and visitors in order to maintain a safe and productive workplace. The risks created by visitors can lead to significant legal consequences for employers. Having a detailed policy of visitor procedures will help to minimize these risks.

Customizable Policy