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Education, Training and Meeting Policy

Author: Deborah S. Hildebrand

When to Use

Education and training programs and work-related meetings may be voluntary or mandatory, and they may be during or outside regular work hours. Attendance at employee meetings, employer-sponsored training programs, lectures, work courses, company meetings or similar events is deemed mandatory if required by the employer or if employees are led to believe that nonattendance would adversely affect their current working conditions or continued employment.

When nonexempt employees travel to employer-mandated business meetings or training, they must be compensated appropriately. A written and published policy is the best practice to clarify employer expectations regarding employer-mandated meetings as well as employee rights to compensation for training sessions and meetings. It may also be necessary for an employer to have a written and published policy for defending against potential claims or for evidence in disciplinary proceedings.

Employers should communicate this policy to employees at the commencement of employment and as necessary thereafter. Employers should ensure employees sign and acknowledge that they have received and understand the policy. Employers should ensure that a copy of the acknowledgement is kept in each employee's personnel file. Employers should refer to the policy whenever employees are required to attend an employer-mandated meeting.

Customizable Policy