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Does This Law Apply to My Organization in Iowa?

This item is part of Does This Law Apply to My Organization?

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

Below are some of the most significant employment-related Iowa laws applying to private employers and which employers must comply with each. Be aware that there are other laws an employer might need to follow that are not listed here.

Law1 Covered Employers2

1Laws link to primary coverage on XpertHR.com; the law may be addressed in other places on XpertHR.com as well.
2Where "All employers" is listed, there may still be limited exceptions, such as agricultural employers or employers that employ only family members.

Access to personnel files law All employers
Child labor laws All employers
Criminal checks law All employers
Drinking and driving class leave law All employers
Drug testing law All employers
Elected official and state board leave law Employers with 20 or more full-time employees
Health care continuation law All employers
Iowa Civil Rights Act (ICRA) Employers with four or more employees
Iowa Employment Security Law All employers
Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Act (IOSHA) All employers
Iowa Wage Payment Collection Law All employers
Iowa Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act Employers with 25 or more full-time employees
Job reference immunity law All employers
Jury duty leave law All employers
Military leave law All employers
Minimum wage law Employers with annual gross sales exceeding $300,000
Non-English Speaking Employees Act Employers with 100 or more employees
Safe driving laws All employers
Smokefree Air Act All employers
Veterans Day leave law All employers
Volunteer Emergency Services Providers Job Protection Act All employers
Voting leave law All employers
Witness leave law All employers
Workers' Compensation Law All employers