Supervisor Training

Clear, simply written briefings designed to ensure supervisors comply with employment law and best practice.

Briefings in this tool:

  • Assume no previous knowledge of the law or principles of human resource management.
  • Are written in plain English, avoiding legal jargon and technical language.
  • Include "Test Yourself" quizzes, to ensure major legal concepts have been adequately understood.
  • Are typically accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.

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You said it...

I use supervisor briefings on a frequent basis to ensure my managers and directors are current on "hot button" issues.

Sarah Anderson, HR Manager, Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill

PowerPoint Presentations

Each Supervisor Briefing is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation for training purposes, which can be used in conjunction with the briefing. The PowerPoint presentation is customizable and can be adapted to fit your organization’s needs.