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Safety Data Sheets - Supervisor Briefing

Author: Jennifer Brantley

Under the Hazard Communication Standard, an employer must have safety data sheets (SDSs) for all hazardous chemicals in the workplace that do not meet an exception.

The SDSs provide both the employer and employees valuable information on hazardous chemicals and the risks associated with them. Without the information these sheets provide, injuries and illnesses in the workplace would rise sharply and workers' compensation claims would increase. Higher numbers of workers' compensation cases ultimately affect a business's revenue.

This Supervisor Briefing provides an overview of the importance of SDSs. It covers the following areas:

  1. The Hazard Communication Standard
  2. Keeping the Safety Data Sheets
  3. Chemicals Requiring a Safety Data Sheet
  4. Obtaining Safety Data Sheets
  5. Required Information
  6. Training Employees on Safety Data Sheets
  7. Safety Committees
  8. Test Yourself