Conduct a Safety Self-Audit or Self-Inspection

Key Points

  • OSHA does not require employers to conduct a safety inspection or audit, but it is a good idea to ensure that no unsafe practices are in the workplace. This helps protect employees and employer's property, as well as helps rid the workplace of possible OSHA violations that could be cited in the future.
  • OSHA will not use the information that an employer finds in a self-inspection or self-audit to issue citations if the employer, upon finding hazards, fixes it. In addition, if a good-will effort is made to fix a hazard, OSHA will use that information to lower a citation penalty.
  • Self-inspections and self-audits are two different things. A self-inspection is a checklist that goes over basic areas for a general overview. It is a good starting point when an employer wants a safety overhaul, but is not complete on its own. A self-audit is more in-depth and creates a better and more complete picture of safety hazards.

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