Implement a Safety Program

Key Points

  • A good workplace safety program is one that is understood and run by both top management and all other employees. A program that is supported by management will be better funded, more complete and more appreciated by the other employees.
  • A safety program should set clear goals both for the direct and distant future. The goals should be written and should be distributed to everyone. Any employee who has a specific job duty should be trained and be fully aware of what is expected of them.
  • An important component of the safety program is the safety committee. The safety committee should include members from all levels of the business. It should have a clear and respected presence within the workplace and it should have the power, given by management, to suggest and make changes.
  • As part of a safety program, many employers have a comprehensive safety plan that documents exactly what the safety program includes. This includes training curriculums, safety policies and the system used to keep records. In some states, this plan is required.

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