Implement Employee Dress Code

Key Points

  • An employer has the right to impose guidelines regarding employee dress code and appearance in the workplace.
  • In drafting and implementing a dress code, an employer should take into account safety and health considerations, the employer's business needs, and the public image of the employer.
  • An employer must determine whether the working environment generally calls for a formal, casual, or business casual dress code. The policy should include detailed descriptions of acceptable and unacceptable dress.
  • An employer may want to instruct employees regarding acceptable grooming habits, facial hair, fragrance, jewelry and tattoos.
  • After reaching these conclusions, an employer should create a comprehensive policy that specifically details the employer's dress code. This policy should be included in the employee handbook and circulated to all employees.
  • An employer may need to make reasonable accommodations to its dress code and appearance policies based on religion, disability or membership in another protected class.

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