Manage and Motivate Gen X Employees

Key Points

  • Recognize Gen X employees as those employees born during the years between 1964 and 1980, although the exact years are debatable. These members of the once-nicknamed slacker generation are now entering the management ranks in force, demanding career development opportunities and forging lucrative careers.
  • Reward Gen Xers, and promote them where possible. Because the preceding generation (commonly referred to as Baby Boomers) may not be able to afford to retire in the usual course, Gen Xers may have fewer options for promotion within an organization. Retaining Gen Xers can be a challenge to employers grappling with a diverse workforce, resulting in a workforce that is highly poachable by competitors. Motivate Gen Xers with engaging work assignments, total rewards packages and work/life initiatives.
  • Recognize Gen Xers' technological proficiency. Celebrate top performers through effective performance appraisals. Guard against possible theft of trade secrets or confidential information. Conduct exit interviews of departing employees with access to sensitive information. Use garden leave where appropriate to secure loyalty, confidentiality and integrity of employees.

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