Long Term Care Insurance

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    Employment Law Manual

    Other Benefits and Services: Federal

    Enhanced to include a discussion of financial wellness benefits.

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    Policies and Documents

    Eldercare Policy

    An employer may use this policy to provide flexibility, resources and assistance to employees caring for older relatives. Adopting an Eldercare Policy can enhance morale, aid employee retention and support productivity.

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    Employment Law Manual

    Total Rewards: Federal

    Attracting, motivating and retaining talent is critical to an employer's short- and long- term success. This section assists HR professionals in implementing a comprehensive, integrated total rewards strategy that can help achieve those important objectives.

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    Employment Glossary

    Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance

    Employment glossary definition of Long-term Care (LTC) Insurance.

About This Topic

HR guidance on the benefits of helping employees obtain long-term care insurance benefits.