Remote Work

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    Engaging Remote Workers

    Employers should take these steps to maintain the engagement levels that are crucial for the morale and productivity of employees working remotely.

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    How To

    How to Protect Trade Secrets When Employing a Mobile Workforce and Remote Workers

    Updated to reflect protected communications under the Defend Trade Secrets Act, effective May 11, 2016.

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    How To

    How to Manage Remote Workers

    This How To details the steps a prudent employer should take when managing remote workers.

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    Manage Telecommuters

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    Letters and Forms

    Remote Work Agreement

    An employer may use this form to create an agreement between the employer and an employee who has been granted remote working privileges.

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    Managing Remote Workers - Supervisor Training

    This training session for supervisors examines the law and best practices for managing remote workers, including enforcing telecommuting policies, monitoring telecommuters and evaluating telecommuting requests.

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    Policies and Procedures

    Remote Work Policy

    An employer may use this policy to ensure employees understand under what circumstances remote work might be an option, and the parameters for such an arrangement. A remote work policy can reduce overhead expenses, improve employee productivity and increase available employee work time.