Work-Life Balance

Editor's Note: Encourage employees to lead well-balanced lives to promote wellness and morale.

Ashley ShawOverview: Creating a proper work-life balance is an important component in ensuring happy, loyal, productive employees. When an employee's job fits into their life, they are more likely to stay with the job. Alternatively, when work obligations take up so much of the employee's life that there is no time for family, friends and hobbies, it can lead to job burnout and stress.

Creating an environment that encourages an appropriate work-life balance consists of many elements. Employers can offer competitive paid time off programs, adoption assistance, telecommuting options, on-site or off-site daycare or elder care, health and wellness programs and volunteer opportunities, just to name a few.

Trends: In an effort to lower healthcare costs and better establish a work-life balance, many employers are opting to offer on-site gyms or exercise classes and/or reduced price gym memberships to employees as part of their employee benefit program. This trend helps employees fit health and wellness into their busy schedules, oftentimes during the work day.

Ashley Shaw, JD, Legal Editor

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