HR Support on Paying Employees Final Paycheck

Editor's Note: Timing of final paychecks depends on state termination pay laws.

Rena PirsosOverview: State laws and regulations govern when employers must provide terminated employees with their final paycheck. Employers should stay abreast of the termination pay laws in the states where they pay employees because there are serious civil and criminal penalties for failure to comply.

Most state laws require final paychecks to be issued at the time of termination, within a certain number of days after termination, or at least by the next regular payday. In many states the timing rules differ for voluntary terminations and involuntary terminations. Additional special rules may apply to employers in certain industries and for temporary layoffs, lockouts and strikes.

Some state laws also have specific provisions regarding payment of unused accrued vacation time on termination. In other states, however, it depends on the terms of the particular employer's policy, handbook, employment contract or collective bargaining agreement, if any.

Author: Rena Pirsos, JD, Legal Editor

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HR guidance on state laws on the timing of final paychecks for terminating employees.