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Access key resources that help private employers in Utah stay apprised of HR and employment law developments, obtain insights on how the developments compare to related Federal requirements, and customize tools to comply with state and municipal requirements. All are available to XpertHR subscribers; explore them here! You may wish to start with the following state-specific resources:

You can access the full Utah Employment Law Manual (over 50 state-specific reference resources) and Employee Handbook templates (over five state-specific handbook policy templates) below, as well as view key state and municipal deadlines, additional state-specific resources and links to key municipal coverage.

XpertHR's Legal Timetable helps you keep track of key compliance dates in Utah, as well as other states and municipalities:

May 7, 2018: Utah Noncompete Law Affects Broadcast Employees

May 8, 2018: Utah Extends Public Accommodation Protections to Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

May 8, 2018: Utah Amends Penalty for Failure to Withhold Union Dues

May 8, 2018: Utah Amends Final Pay Exception for Commissioned Employees

May 8, 2018: Utah Building Service Contractors Law Takes Effect

Employee Handbooks

Create or update your Utah Handbook with XpertHR's comprehensive state-specific handbook statements. The Utah Employee Handbook Table of Contents links to all available handbook statements, including:

EEO Handbook Statement: Utah

Jury Duty Leave Handbook Statement: Utah

Minor Child Court Appearance Leave Handbook Statement: Utah

Weapons in the Workplace Handbook Statement: Utah

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A round-up of the comprehensive state coverage XpertHR offers to help Utah employers ensure they are compliant with state HR and employment laws.

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