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Supporting Employees Experiencing Menopause - Supervisor Training

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

Menopause is often regarded as a taboo topic at work. Some may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed talking about it. Others may not deem it an appropriate subject to raise with co-workers or supervisors.

The reality is that if menopausal symptoms significantly impact an employee's performance, relationships at work, or desire to continue working, raising the issue may be a first step to improving their work experience. Therefore, it is important for supervisors to create an environment where employees feel supported and comfortable enough to talk about issues that may be preventing them from doing their best work.

This training session examines the law and best practices for addressing menopause-related work concerns and providing support for employees experiencing menopause. The following topics are addressed:

  1. What is Menopause?
  2. Understand Symptoms of Menopause
  3. Address an Employee Experiencing Menopause
  4. Ways to Support
  5. Be Aware of Compliance Obligations