A reliable and regularly updated suite of employment law guides for HR professionals with responsibilities for staff in countries outside the US.

This tool will ensure you:

  • Understand employee rights in key areas including minimum wage rates, maternity leave and compensation on termination.
  • Recognize the role of collective rights and bargaining in the relevant country.

Global Employer

The Guide for Global Employers provides an overview of the main issues facing employers with staff in more than one country, while the individual country guides provide employment law guidance at national level.

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New and Updated

  • UK: Recruitment and selection

    An employment law guide to recruitment and selection in the UK, including discrimination, advertising vacancies, selection and job offers, and recruiting young people, children and foreign nationals.

  • UK: Pay and benefits

    An employment law guide to pay and benefits in the UK, including payment of wages, deductions from wages, equal pay, the minimum wage, pensions, income tax and social security, and pay for employees not at work.

  • UK: Employee rights

    An employment law guide to employee rights in the UK, including hours of work, rest breaks and rest periods, Sunday work, annual leave, maternity and pregnancy rights, paternity and parental leave, time off for dependants, the right to request flexible working, part-time workers and fixed-term employees, posted workers, transfers of undertakings, discipline and grievances, insolvency, whistleblowing, members of the reserve forces, and data protection and privacy.

  • UK: Contracts of employment

    An employment law guide to contracts of employment in the UK, including defining employees and workers, probationary periods, types of contract, written statements of employment particulars, and varying contracts.

  • UK: Training and development

    An employment law guide to training and development in the UK, including requests in relation to study or training, time off for training and apprenticeships.

  • UK: Equal opportunities

    An employment law guide to equal opportunities in the UK, including specific provisions, exemptions, harassment and sexual harassment, victimisation, and remedies and penalties.

  • UK: Industrial relations

    An employment law guide to industrial relations in the UK, including trade unions, collective bargaining and agreements, informing and consulting, European Works Councils, and industrial action and picketing .

  • UK: Health and safety

    An employment law guide to health and safety in the UK, including duties on employers and employees, safety representatives, enforcement and penalties, and compensation for occupational injury or illness.

  • UK: Termination of employment

    An employment law guide to termination of employment in the UK, including notice periods, unfair dismissal, summary dismissal, constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal, redundancy, retirement and termination payments.

  • UK: Useful online resources on employment law

    Useful online resources on employment law in the UK.

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My focus is international, and I recently changed from another resource to XpertHR. In the international area, I find your materials a great improvement over what I had available through the other resource.

Jeff Hughey, Staff VP International Employee Relations, Leggett & Platt Incorporated