Model policies, posters, notices, sample letters, checklists and forms to help you create, distribute and maintain legally compliant documentation for your organization.

This tool:

  • Includes templates that may be customized to meet the organization's particular needs, complete with tips and guidance as to how and when they should be used.
  • Provides warnings to help avoid legal pitfalls and/or understand the potential implications of recent and/or pending legislation.

New and Updated

  • Media Relations and Press Interviews Policy

    An employer may use this policy to ensure that the employer has an effective strategy to interact with media, whether the media requests information or the employer initiates contact with the media. A written policy is helpful to inform all employees of who may speak on behalf of the employer, what information may be disclosed, and the consequences for violation of the policy.

  • Prepare a Severance or Termination Agreement - Checklist

    A severance or termination agreement is a great way to make a mostly clean break with outgoing employees. This checklist will help an employer identify all the important points to address during the negotiation and drafting of severance or termination agreements, and will also identify some common pain points and pitfalls of poorly drafted or unfair agreements.

  • Respond to a Workplace Incident Before Investigating - Checklist

    This checklist is designed to walk employers through the process of responding to a complaint or allegations before actually launching an internal investigation. Employers are obligated to take quick, effective and reasonable action in responding to workplace complaints, even before they conduct investigations or collect the results of investigations, in order to guard against liability and to protect employees from misconduct.

  • Internal Investigations Policy

    Internal investigations are crucial for employers in responding to allegations of workplace misconduct. This internal investigations policy document informs your employees as to the purpose of conducting investigations, what their rights and responsibilities are during investigations and how the employer will use the results it obtains in the course of investigating. Having an effective policy is the first step toward conducting an effective investigation.

  • Employee Wellness Program Waiver Form

    An employer should use this waiver when it offers employees the opportunity to participate in voluntary wellness program activities.

  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Policy

    An employer may use this policy to inform eligible employees of any benefits or policies surrounding Family and Medical Leave. Best practice maintains that certain elements of an employer's FMLA policy are represented in the employee handbook.

  • Termination Notice Letter to Employee on FMLA Leave

    An employer may use this letter to properly notify an employee out on FMLA leave of the termination of his or her employment.

  • District of Columbia Notice of Hire

    All District of Columbia employers are required to give the Notice of Hire to employees upon hire and to current employees by May 27, 2015.

  • Seattle, Washington Labor Law Poster

    As mandated by the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, Office of Labor Standards, all Seattle employers must post the Seattle, Washington Labor Law Poster.

  • Employee Termination Letter

    An employer may use this letter as a template to create an official termination letter for an exiting employee to memorialize the end of the employment relationship. This letter should only be sent to an exiting employee when a final, official decision to terminate the employee has been made.

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