Model policies, posters, notices, sample letters, checklists and forms to help you create, distribute and maintain legally compliant documentation for your organization.

This tool:

  • Includes templates that may be customized to meet the organization's particular needs, complete with tips and guidance as to how and when they should be used.
  • Provides warnings to help avoid legal pitfalls and/or understand the potential implications of recent and/or pending legislation.

New and Updated

  • San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance Notice Poster

    As mandated by San Francisco's Office of Labor Standards Enforcement, San Francisco private employers and city contractors must post the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance Notice Poster.

  • Severance Agreement Form

    An employer may use this form to build or reach a severance or "termination" agreement with an outgoing employee when the employer is either contractually bound to provide severance or it determines that providing severance is in its best interests. Common scenarios in which employers elect to provide severance are when they desire a (mostly) clean break with an outgoing employee, they desire to maintain good relations with the outgoing employee or when the employer desires some protection from the outgoing employee against risks associated with litigation, competition or security.

  • Appropriate Usage of the B-1 Visa - Checklist

    The B-1 visa may be a viable alternative to the H-1B or L-1 visa if a company needs to bring an international employee to the US on a short term basis. An employer may use this checklist to determine whether an employee is eligible for a B-1 visa.

  • Louisiana Human Trafficking Poster

    As mandated by Louisiana Department of Revenue and the Department of Transportation and Development, certain employers must post the Louisiana Human Trafficking Poster.

  • Preparing for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace - Checklist

    Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are rapidly growing. It is inevitable that they will change the workplace exponentially. This checklist can help HR professionals and employers navigate the murky waters of advancing technologies alongside archaic employment and labor laws.

  • Inclement Weather Policy

    When natural disasters hit, it is prudent to be prepared in order to see minimal damage to production and to employees. This Inclement Weather Policy can be used to help an employer handle natural disasters that might affect the workplace.

  • Acceptable Use of Electronic Cigarettes Policy

    This policy may be used to communicate acceptable use of electronic cigarettes in the workplace. It may be used when an employer, mindful of state and local law, decided to allow some use of e-cigarettes in the workplace.

  • Prepare a Severance or Termination Agreement - Checklist

    A severance or termination agreement is a great way to make a mostly clean break with outgoing employees. This checklist will help an employer identify all the important points to address during the negotiation and drafting of severance or termination agreements, and will also identify some common pain points and pitfalls of poorly drafted or unfair agreements.

  • Whistleblower Policy

    An employer may use this policy to inform employees that it is committed to doing business legally and ethically. A Whsitleblower Policy will help to reassure employees that they can disclose misconduct without fear of retaliation.

  • Hiring an H-1B Worker - Checklist

    An employer may use this checklist to ensure it navigates the H-1B process properly when sponsoring a foreign national employee to work in the US.

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