What employee activities are protected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)'s Whistleblower Statute?

Author: Jennifer Brantley

If employees feel their work environment is unsafe or that hazardous conditions exist, they may file a complaint with OSHA. If an employer retaliates in any way against an employee for exercising this right or for doing something such as donning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), in order to do their job safely, it is within the employee's right to file a complaint with OSHA.

The OSHA Whistleblower Protection Statutes prohibits employers from firing employees who file complaints against them. If OSHA deems an inspection against an employer is necessary, the employee involved in filing a complaint or reporting a violation may accompany the inspector as he completes the workplace inspection. Employees are allowed to talk at length with OSHA and give the interviewer details of the case as requested. OSHA can call employees who have filed complaints as witnesses in a court case.