NLRB Form 502 (RC) - Certification of Representative Petition

Entity Mandating Poster: National Labor Relations Board

Applicability: A labor organization or a group of employees asserting that a substantial number of employees wish to be represented for purposes of collective bargaining and that it seeks to be certified as representative of the employees.

Filing Specifications: The petition must be filed by using E-File at or by submitting an original of the petition to the NLRB office in the region in which the employer concerned is located. The petition must be accompanied by both a showing of interest and a certificate of service showing service on the employer and all other parties named in the petition of the following: (1) the petition; (2) a blank Statement of Position form (Form NLRB-505); and (3) a Description of Representation Case Procedures form (Form NLRB 4812).

Obtaining This Form: This form may be downloaded directly from the National Labor Relations Board website.

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