EEO - Discrimination: Florida

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Author: Kamilah L. Perry, Phelps Dunbar, LLP


  • The Florida Civil Rights Act is similar to Title VII as it prohibits employment discrimination practices. However, the Florida Civil Rights Act affords greater protections to Florida residents than similar federal laws. See Discrimination Under the Florida Civil Rights Act.
  • Under the Florida Civil Rights Act, an employee complaining of discrimination must file a charge of discrimination with the Florida Commission of Human Relations before being permitted to bring a private lawsuit against any employer. See Enforcement Through Florida Commission of Human Relations/Judicial Proceedings.
  • The Florida Civil Rights Act provides greater remedies than Title VII for violations of its provisions. See Remedies.
  • Chapter 448, Florida's General Labor Regulations, also specifically prohibit certain types of discrimination against specific classes of employees. See Other Laws Prohibiting Discrimination.
  • While Florida state law does not specifically protect individuals on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, several Florida municipalities have enacted regulations affording such protections. See Local Ordinances.