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The District of Columbia is considered to be employee-friendly. There are numerous leave laws that an employer must grant, and several protected classes above those protected by federal laws. In addition, all employers, no matter the size (with certain exceptions such as homecare workers), must apply with the state Human Rights Act. However, this is only a small sample of the laws this state has.

This page is a round-up of the state and municipal laws in District of Columbia.

District of Columbia Handbook

Create or update your District of Columbia Handbook with XpertHR's comprehensive state-specific handbook policy statements. The District of Columbia Employee Handbook Table of Contents links to all available policy statements, including:

Family and Medical Leave [20-49 Employees]

Sick and Safe Leave

Lactation Accommodation

Smoke-Free Workplace

Pregnancy Accommodation

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A roundup of the comprehensive state coverage XpertHR offers to help District of Columbia employers ensure they are compliant with state HR and employment laws.

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