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Norway: Health and safety

Original author: Kjerstin Falkum Løvik, Arntzen de Besche
Updating author: Kristine Fremstad Moen and Tonje Dalby Smedbøle, Advokatfirmaet Haavind

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  • Employers must ensure that the working environment is "fully satisfactory", taking into account separately and collectively all factors in the environment that can influence employees' physical and mental health and welfare. (See General)
  • Employers and employees have various duties regarding health and safety. (See Duties on employers and employees)
  • Employers must ensure that a specified number of safety representatives are elected by employees. (See Safety representatives and working environment committees)
  • The Labour Inspection Authority is responsible for supervising employers' compliance with legislation and other regulations on health, safety and the working environment. (See Enforcement and penalties)
  • Employers are obliged to make contributions in respect of their employees to the statutory insurance scheme for occupational injuries and illnesses, which forms part of the general national insurance system. (See Compensation for injury or illness)