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Romania: Health and safety

Original and updating authors: Delia Paceagiu and Luminita Dima
Consultant editor: Raluca Dimitriu


  • Employers are obliged to ensure the health and safety of employees in all aspects related to work. (See General)
  • Employers have a wide range of statutory health and safety obligations, while employees also have various duties. (See Duties on employers and employees)
  • Employees are represented in health and safety matters through specially elected representatives, and employers with 50 or more employees must set up a health and safety committee. (See Safety representatives)
  • The public Labour Inspection is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with health and safety legislation, and breaches of the legislation may result in administrative or criminal penalties. (See Enforcement and penalties)
  • Employers must contribute to the statutory insurance scheme, which covers employees in the event of occupational accidents and illnesses. (See Compensation for occupational injury or illness)