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Employee Must Be Harmed by Employer's Failure to Properly Designate FMLA Leave in Order to Sue Under Notice Provision

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    Ragsdale v. Wolverine World Wide, Inc., 535 U.S. 81 (U.S. 2002) (0 other reports)

Author: Meryl Gutterman, Nukk-Freeman & Cerra, PC

In Ragsdale v. Wolverine World Wide, Inc.,., +535 U.S. 81 (U.S. 2002), the Supreme Court addressed whether an employer was required to give an employee additional leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), +29 USCS § 2601, after the employer failed to notify the employee that her seven-month leave of absence, taken in accordance with company policy, would count against her 12-week FMLA leave entitlement.