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Fire Safety/Fire Drills - Supervisor Training

Author: Jennifer Brantley

Supervisors and employees must have knowledge about fire prevention and procedures in order to avoid confusion in the event of a fire. Workplace fire safety training should be completed by employees within the first few days of employment. Without the training, employees will not know how to act or what to do should a fire break out while they are at work. Confusion during an emergency situation such as a fire can lead to chaos, multiple injuries and very possibly fatalities.

This training session covers the following:

  1. Fire Prevention Plans
  2. Emergency Action Plans
  3. Employee Alarm Systems
  4. Fire Brigades
  5. Use of Portable Fire Extinguishers
  6. Identification of Fire Hazards
  7. Resolution of Potential Fire Hazards
  8. Fire Drills
  9. Fire Safety Training
  10. Test Yourself