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Switzerland: Industrial relations

Updating author: Marco Toni

Consultant editor: Thomas Kälin, Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Ltd (MLL)


  • Employees have a constitutional right to join together in order to protect their interests, to form associations and to join or not to join such associations. (See Trade unions)
  • There are various rules regarding collective agreements. (See Collective bargaining and agreements)
  • In enterprises with at least 50 employees, the employees are entitled to elect representatives to sit on a representative body (essentially a works council). (See Informing and consulting employees - general)
  • An employer envisaging collective redundancies must inform and consult the employee representative body or, where there is none, the employees themselves. (See Informing and consulting prior to redundancies)
  • In the event of a proposed transfer of a business or part thereof, the original employer must provide information to the employee representative body or, where there is none, to the employees themselves.(See Informing and consulting prior to transfers)
  • Industrial action must generally be used only as a last resort. (See Industrial action)