Retain Top Performers

Key Points

  • Retaining top performers promotes meeting business goals; improves production continuity; increases institutional memory; reduces undesirable turnover; and limits recruitment, onboarding and training costs.
  • Particular focus should be placed on the employee experience: employers should seek to increase motivation and engagement in the workplace through a comprehensive total rewards strategy. Employers should implement compensation plans, benefits packages and diverse incentives that will be competitive in the hiring market. Employees should be incentivized to perform well.
  • Employers should monitor employee morale, and address issues that may affect it (such as lax enforcement of work rules or discipline procedures, unaddressed workplace harassment or unpopular compensation policies). Supervisors and employees should be trained in the identification and avoidance of harassment, discrimination, unsafe practices and retaliation.
  • Employers should use exit interviews, focus groups and program evaluations to identify potential systemic problems. Internal programs should be changed and improved as necessary using the collected information, and employers should enlist employee collaboration in defining new approaches or processes.

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