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HR Careers 2014: Key Findings of the XpertHR Survey

Author: Mark Crail, Head of Salary Surveys and HR Data Benchmarking Services, XpertHR UK

If you had your time over, would you still choose HR as a career? What advice would you give to someone starting out in the profession today? XpertHR set out to explore the careers of HR professionals across the United States through an online survey. Usable responses were received from 231 individuals of wide-ranging levels of experience, and in organizations of all sizes, operating in every state and in almost all sectors of the economy.

Their answers reveal an HR profession which is largely at ease with itself. The majority by far are happy with the career choice they made, believe that HR is valued by senior managers in their organization and is well regarded by society as a whole, and have encouraging advice for anyone seeking to enter the profession today.