What are behavioral indicators of a potential active shooter?

Author: Melissa Gonzalez Boyce, XpertHR Legal Editor

There are rarely any warning signs of an active shooter. However, it is critical that an employer train its employees to recognize indicators of potentially violent behavior. Such behavior by an individual can include one or more of the following:

  • Depression and/or withdrawal;
  • Resistance and overreaction to changes in policies and procedures;
  • Increased severe mood swings;
  • Noticeably unstable, emotional responses;
  • Explosive outbursts of anger or rage without provocation;
  • Suicidal indications;
  • Comments about "putting things in order";
  • Empathy with individuals who commit violence; and
  • Increase in unsolicited comments about firearms, other dangerous weapons and violent crimes.

An employer should ensure that its employees are aware of these behavioral indicators and urged to alert HR or a supervisor if he or she believes an individual exhibits potentially violent behavior.