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Editor's Note: Foster a culture that cultivates employee development to its greatest potential.

Marta MoakleyOverview: Undesirable employee turnover continues to be an unwelcome specter to organizational viability. The loss of valuable, or potentially valuable, employees harms a business's bottom line. Employers should invest in employee training and development through a number of initiatives that help hone employee performance and improve employee retention. These initiatives should include comprehensive training programs, varied career development options and effective performance appraisal systems.

Employee motivation drives employee engagement, which in turn drives employee development. Organizations should renew focus on nurturing employee growth, especially by tapping into the various competencies and talents that make diverse employees succeed.

Trends: Given current economic conditions, many employees, supervisors and managers have had to develop different competencies and areas of expertise in order to: (i) accomplish organizational goals in a downsized workplace; or (ii) remain attractive and in demand in a competitive marketplace.

Author: Marta Moakley, JD, Legal Editor

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HR guidance on the legal risks and benefits of employee training and development. Support on fully developing workers through means such as training.