What are ways to stop employee theft?

Author: Julie H. Cox

An employer can adopt security measures that are specifically targeted toward the type of theft it is trying to prevent:

  • For employer property theft, management should conduct frequent check-ins on the work environment with well-performed inventory practices and also create a security management plan for the organization.
  • For data theft of secure information, management should establish nondisclosure agreements to protect data by making a legal agreement of keeping information confidential.
  • An employer can also establish monitoring policies for internet, email and computers. In addition, an employer should inform employees of the policies and receive their signatures on the policy statement during the hiring process. It may also be a good idea to post illustrations reminding employees of prohibited actions and their potential consequences.

HR should establish policies regarding employee theft in its security management plan.

Helping employees feel valued and appreciated for their efforts is helpful as well. Taking regular actions that lift employee morale are helpful in theft prevention. Establishing a sense of belonging and purpose in the workplace will make employees care more about the control of company property and resources.