Update an Employee Handbook

When to Use This Workflow

Use the Update an Employee Handbook workflow to assist when reviewing and updating an employee handbook.

An employee handbook serves as an important communication tool between an employer and its employees. The handbook also serves as a valuable resource for an employer because it sets workplace standards that guide employee behavior and performance expectations. A well-written, compliant handbook may also prevent and/or serve as a defense against employee lawsuits, but only if the handbook accurately reflects the employer's current policies, practices and procedures.

An employer should periodically review and update its employee handbook to ensure that it reflects existing organizational policies. While an annual review and update is most common, certain circumstances, such as changing legal requirements and organizational structure changes, may make more frequent updates necessary.

This workflow walks an employer through the major steps when updating an employee handbook. This workflow also helps an employer on how to monitor and track developments that may affect its employee handbook.

Key Steps

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