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  • Employee Rights to Access Personnel Records by State

    Updated to reflect Colorado law granting employees the right to inspect their personnel files, effective January 1, 2017.

  • Marijuana Laws by State

    Updated to reflect recreational marijuana ballot initiatives in California, Massachusetts and Nevada, and medical marijuana ballot initiatives in Florida, Arkansas, Montana and North Dakota.

  • Whistleblower Statute Filing Requirements

    Updated to include OSHA's final rule establishing procedures for handling Affordable Care Act retaliation complaints.

  • California Workplace Notices

    Updated to reflect amendments to the applicability and notice requirements of the state pregnancy disability leave law.

  • Breastfeeding Break Requirements by State

    Updated to refine the scope of coverage to include only breastfeeding break laws that apply to private employers.

  • Work Rules/Handbooks - Examples of Lawful and Unlawful Language

    This chart addresses various work rules/handbook policies along with the examples of unlawful and lawful language as determined by the National Labor Relations Board.

  • Child Labor Working Hour Restrictions by State

    This Quick Reference chart provides details about state restrictions on the hours during which minors may work: the maximum number of hours and/or days a minor may work per week; the maximum number of hours a minor may work per day; and certain timing restrictions such as the times of day during which minors may work and any restrictions forbidding a minor from working while school is in session.

  • Recording Communications and Surveillance Laws by State

    This chart details legal requirements for employers regarding recording employee communications and engaging in employee surveillance.

  • New Jersey Workplace Notices

    A New Jersey employer should ensure compliance with individual state and local requirements for workplace notices. This chart contains information regarding New Jersey-specific notice requirements.

  • Blacklisting and Job References by State

    This chart examining state requirements and possible employer liability risks regarding job references, blacklisting and service letters.

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