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Stay up to date with the changing landscape of employment law and HR practice using RSS feeds.

How does it work? Once you subscribe to a feed, an icon on your browser alerts you when new information has been posted. Simply check to see if the RSS symbol on your web browser is illuminated, then click on it to reveal the latest updates. Ensure you're logged into XpertHR to view the full resource.

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Signing up is easy! Click on the links below and follow the instructions to subscribe.

You may need to add an RSS plugin to your web browser, if you don't have one already. Simply conduct a web search in your preferred browser on how to add an RSS feed to your browser's toolbar.

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Pro Tip: You can also subscribe to an RSS feed based on a category within a Tool or from any of the 300+ Topics on XpertHR. Simply go to the category or Topic page - for example: Paid Sick Leave - then use your browser's RSS feed reader to add that category or topic. Note: this example below is using Google Chrome's RSS feed plugin.

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