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Webinar: Best Practices for Handling Open Enrollment

June Mara

Whether annual enrollment communications are your company's once-a-year benefit communication opportunity or ideally part of a strategic communication plan -- there is always room for improvement.

From an employee's perspective, benefits are boring and confusing (until they are needed). So, trying to get employees to read communications is a constant and universal challenge. But it's important because the choices employees make can have long-term consequences - for the employee and the company.

From an employer's perspective, benefits represent a significant percentage of total compensation. And despite their efforts to provide adequate communications, employers still struggle with getting employees to pay attention. In addition, it's often difficult to obtain budget dollars for communications - perhaps because what your organization is doing now is viewed by senior leadership as good enough.

The fact is that according to Gallup, organizations that communicate effectively, financially outperform their peers by 34%. Why then would any organization want to risk providing that financial advantage to their competitors?

It's one of the many issues explored during this 60-minute webinar. June Mara, founder and CEO of XL Communications, reviews best practices that can help you develop a powerful and persuasive benefits communications strategy, and make your job significantly easier.

Learning Objectives

HR and benefits professionals learn:

  • How to get employees to pay attention to annual enrollment communications;
  • The dos and don'ts of developing effective annual enrollment communications; and
  • How to do a better job of communicating benefits, saving money and making your job easier.

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