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Webinar: When Cupid's Arrow Strikes - Romance and Personal Relationships in the Workplace

Beth P. Zoller, XpertHR Legal Editor

When cupid's arrow strikes and employers find themselves dealing with romance in the workplace, they can also find themselves dealing with a lot of heartache.

Aside from the possibility of workplace romance interfering with employee morale and affecting workplace productivity, employers may also confront lawsuits for discrimination and harassment as well as contend with the loss of confidential information. Employers may face claims of favoritism and unfair treatment, and romances gone sour can result in sexual harassment lawsuits. Issues can be especially compounded if a supervisor becomes involved with a subordinate.

In this webinar Beth P. Zoller, XpertHR Legal Editor, addresses the legal and practical issues associated with romance in the workplace and suggest some best practices employers may follow in order to protect employer interests, minimize risks and maintain a fair and professional workplace. Beth shows employers how to instruct all workers on appropriate workplace conduct and set parameters for dating and close personal relationships at work.