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Webinar: Why Mergers or Acquisitions Fail… and How HR Can Help

Michael C. Jacobson

Only about one-third of companies involved in a merger or acquisition in 2015 saw their company's stock price rise in response to the deal. For HR leaders, the failure rate and negative impact of mergers or acquisitions is alarming, but it also presents a promising opportunity.

On the one hand, it's a signal that there is something broken in the process by which companies go through restructures - whether it's part of the initial identification of targets to acquire or merge with, properly valuing and assessing the target for compatibility and of course, successfully integrating two or more companies into one.

On the other hand, the failure rate presents HR with a tremendous opportunity to share knowledge, data analytics and practical business experience with senior leaders to drive up the success rate.

In this webinar, Michael Jacobson, XpertHR Legal Editor, explores:

  • Why market forces, regulation and globalization forces companies into mergers or acquisitions;
  • What makes companies attractive for these types of deals initially and how HR can help identify the right partner for a mega-deal; and
  • Why deciding on the right type of deal at the outset is a prime indicator of success.

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