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Editor's Note: Evolving laws and technologies challenge HR professionals.

Peggy Carter-WardOverview: The role of the HR professional in the workplace continues to evolve as HR laws evolve and workplace strategies adjust to changing priorities. Workforce planning, ever-changing municipal, state and federal employment laws, talent management, employee development and so much more require the continual development of HR management. Every HR professional, from the generalist to the VP, are constantly challenged to evolve with these changing priorities and evolving laws. Training, networking, and other development opportunities are vital HR management tools in filling the vital role in every workplace.

Trends: Numerous technological solutions continue to emerge and evolve to help HR with their workforce planning, talent management and employment law compliance responsibilities. Staying current with these developments and ensuring they address the needs of the employer require focus and skills that shouldn't be underestimated.

Author: Peggy Carter-Ward, Head of Content

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Legal and ethical considerations for employers regarding HR management. Support and advice for the HR professional on managing all aspects of the job.