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Model Succession Plan Form

Author: Warren N. Rothman, Blue Prairie Group LLC

When to Use

The Model Succession Plan is designed to help a user (often HR) document a proposed succession planning process for senior management (CEO) and, where relevant, Board of Director approval. It should enable an employer to better understand the potential payback from implementing a comprehensive succession planning process, and serve as useful input to the decision whether to implement a succession plan (a "go-no go" decision). Prior to investing in and then undertaking succession planning, key decision-makers must have the facts and understand the business case for such an endeavor; this Model provides a template to document these important factors.

The model plan is organized into a number of sections, each of which is designed to educate the CEO (and others) about different aspects of the proposed process. The Model as presented provides language that could be generically applied, while sections that would likely need to be tailored to the specific employer are presented in [brackets].

Customizable Form