Employment Law: Quick Tools


Frequently asked questions and answers on HR issues.

How To

Step-by-step advice on workplace situations.


Dynamic employment law workflows: interactive flowcharts and guidance help with your most challenging processes.

Policies and Documents

Policies, posters, notices, letters and checklists to help you avoid legal pitfalls, meet requirements and create legally compliant documents.

Quick Reference

Key facts, such as minimum wage rates by state and minimum notice periods.

Supervisor Briefings

Guidance on employment law and best practices for supervisors.

Employment Law: Reference

Employment Glossary

Concise explanations of HR, legal and employment-related words, phrases and abbreviations in plain English.

Employment Law Manual

Accessible and constantly updated guidance on federal, state, and municipal employment law, tailored to the needs of the HR professional.

International Manual

Legal guides for employers with staff based outside the US.

Law Reports

Key cases from the courts reviewed for their impact on the workplace.

Worked Examples

Step-by-step examples of detailed processes necessary to ensure compliance with the law.

Best Practice

Best Practice Manual

Going beyond the letter of the law to provide clear, simply written guidance on best employment practices.

HR News

Editor's Choice

The pick of the latest additions to XpertHR.


HR and employment-related news and short reports.