Podcast Examines Expanding Leave Law Protections

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

This XpertHR podcast examines one of the most notable trends affecting employers, the expansion of leave laws at the state and municipal level. Three states have enacted paid sick leave laws - California, Connecticut and Massachusetts - and a growing number of cities have done so as well. Domestic violence and bereavement leave laws have also gained traction.

Oregon employment attorney Kyle Abraham of the Barran Liebman law firm joins us to detail all of these developments. Abraham says, "The lack of a single federal law on paid sick leave places an administrative burden on multistate employers."

Podcast Examines Expanding Leave Law Protections

February 26, 2015

Abraham notes that states and cities have moved to fill the void, resulting in a patchwork of laws. He says employers can expect to see more statewide paid sick leave measures in 2015, including in his home state, where there is growing momentum for such a measure.

The Barran Liebman attorney's final piece of advice is for employers to compare their leave policies with the state laws and local ordinances where they operate to ensure they are in compliance.