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Webinar: How to Navigate the Changing Paid Leave Landscape

Gillian Egan Philippe Lebel

The growth of paid leave laws has been one of the more notable employment law trends of 2019. And it is a trend likely to continue in the coming year.

In this 60-minute webinar you cannot afford to miss, Proskauer employment attorneys Gillian Egan and Phil Lebel provides an overview of the current paid leave law landscape, and they also address proposed or pending state, federal and/or local legislation.

Gillian and Phil discuss developments in paid sick leave laws at the state and local level, with an emphasis on those jurisdictions with new or amended sick leave legislation. In addition, the webinar covers the interplay between paid leave laws with other forms of statutory leave and tips for managing the various leave allowances (paid and unpaid) to which your employees may be entitled.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of current state laws regarding paid leave;
  • Learn about pending proposed legislation on paid leave;
  • Find out the latest developments with paid sick leave laws; and
  • Hear how paid leave interacts with other forms of protected time off (e.g., FMLA).

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