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Webinar: HR Analytics Solutions - How to Make Data Work for Your Company

Zev Eigen

It is becoming more common and more necessary to use data and analytics to render business decisions in organizations of all types and sizes. There are many HR tech solutions offered by startups, consultants, and giant corporations.

In this webinar, former professor and MIT PhD, Zev Eigen will walk through some of the best HR tech solutions available and highlight the ways they differ, offering practical advice on how to implement and evaluate these solutions. He will also discuss one of the hottest trends in people analytics, "relational data" - which are measures derived from communication meta-data and surveys that are used to map out how everyone in your organization is connected to each other using "organizational network analysis." Relational data may be used to improve performance evaluation processes, augment collaboration, and improve inclusion of diverse talent, among other use cases.

HR and compliance professionals will learn:

  • The newest trends in HR Tech and People Analytics today;
  • "Relational data" and why these data are the "new oil" in improving bottom-line profitability, productivity, collaboration and diversity & inclusion; and
  • The dos and don'ts of implementing new HR Tech: How to vet tech without becoming a data scientist.