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Webinar: The Legal and Ethical Standards of New AI-Powered HR Systems

Valerie Morignat Garry Mathiason

The new decade brings with it the immediate need for HR professionals to become informed and prepared for the critical role they will perform in successfully planning, developing, implementing and maintaining Artificial Intelligence-powered HR systems. By 2022, 78% of organizations will have adopted at least one AI-powered HR system with several more in development.

In this webinar, Dr. Valerie Morignat and Garry Mathiason share key steps for legal compliance and responsible use of AI by HR departments. The program helps organizations harness AI powers with preparedness, adopt best practices and foster trustworthiness of AI-powered systems.

Participants get a chance to learn about:

  • How AI is becoming an essential part of HR powering an increasing number of functions.
  • The need for HR professionals to understand this transformation and become a part of its implementation. Failure to do so will likely lead to an obsolete HR department and threaten the entire organization.
  • Existing and anticipated legal and ethical standards for AI's responsible march into HR. Only recently has there been a growing understanding of the role of compliance in enabling the successful introduction of AI into HR systems and functions
  • The arrival of algorithmic bias class actions, AI privacy regulations and litigation, and legal requirements associated with initiating, developing and maintaining AI-powered HR systems.

This program offers practical, current, and essential information and critical thinking necessary for being successful in the new AI powered HR world!

Learning Objectives

  • Changing demands on HR and the need to use AI-powered solutions as well as current examples of how far AI has reached into a panoply of HR functions from recruiting, interviewing, performance assessment, attrition, and even for a reduction in force.
  • Current legislation, regulations and case law governing the use of AI-powered HR functions and the core trends regarding future legislation and regulations.
  • Foundational steps for the safe, strategic and scalable adoption of AI in HR functions consistent with legal compliance requirements, technology, and applied ethics relevant to algorithmic processing.
  • Facial Recognition and Facial Analysis capabilities, potential, compliant use, and ethical risk management in the context of video interviewing and workforce management.
  • Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Analysis in Employee Advocacy programs and retention.
  • Diversity & Inclusion in AI and how they affect AI-powered systems for HR.
  • Fostering an AI-First corporate culture supportive of employee upskilling and trust in Human-AI collaboration.

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