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Reasonable Suspicion Determination and Alcohol and Drug Testing - Supervisor Briefing

Author: David Galt


This Supervisor Briefing examines the law and best practices in establishing a reasonable suspicion determination that an employee is using or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It also details the steps that lead to an employee referral for drug and alcohol testing. The supervisor should review and follow the steps in making reasonable suspicion determinations outlined in the organization's written drug and alcohol testing policy.

  1. When to Test Under Reasonable Suspicion
  2. Recognizing and Documenting Impairment
  3. Verifying and Reporting Impairment
  4. Post-Accident Testing Based on Reasonable Suspicion
  5. Conducting a Test
  6. Responding to Refusal to Be Tested
  7. Responding to a Positive Test Result
  8. Enforcing the Testing Policy
  9. Test Yourself