Are there any benefits to permitting employees to use Google Glass in the workplace?

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

Because a Google Glass user has the ability to record video in real time and receive and send messages and information, there are potential benefits for an employer including, but not limited to:

  • An employer will be able to evaluate how an employee is performing his or her job duties by viewing the recorded video and assessing the quality of the employee's work and how efficient they are in performing work-related tasks;
  • An employer will be able to tell if an employee is following safety and security procedures;
  • An employer may choose to use Google Glass to assist with employee training and demonstrate to employees how to perform certain tasks;
  • An employer will be able to use Google Glass to create recordings of meetings; and
  • Google Glass may save an employer time and money because it will eliminate the need for employees to stop what they are doing to view and/or respond to a message or notification from the employer, a supervisor or a customer or client, thus enhancing employee efficiency and productivity.