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Podcast: Top Employee Handbook Tips for 2019

With many new employment laws taking effect in various states, the new year is a perfect time to take a fresh look at your organization's employee handbook. On this podcast, Littler shareholder Meredith Shoop speaks with XpertHR Legal Editor David Weisenfeld about what employers need to know when updating their handbooks.

"If you've been allowing your company handbook to fall down the to-do list, then it's time to really consider bringing it back up to the top," said Shoop. "It's a critically important document for any and all HR functions, and it's something that should be taken very seriously," especially with state and municipal legislation continually changing. That's why she stressed the importance of annual updates.

Some other key areas Shoop discussed include:

  • Absolute "must-haves" that need to be part of your handbook to reduce litigation risks;
  • Examples of what NOT to include in an employee handbook; and
  • The role HR professionals can play to make employee handbooks more effective.

The Littler employment attorney also addresses how the #MeToo movement has changed the advice she would give to an employer reviewing its handbook, as well as how a multi-state employer can best account for state differences that may vary wildly when it comes to paid sick leave, EEO laws and other issues.

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