Post Labor and Employment Notices

Key Points

  • HR is responsible for ensuring that an employer posts required notices. This may be a challenging task because, according to reports, there are an average of 75 new or changed state labor law poster requirements every year.
  • An employer should consult federal, state and local labor and employment laws in order to remain fully compliant with all posting requirements. An employer should post notices in a conspicuous manner at a location that is accessible by employees, applicants and even the public in certain circumstances. Certain state and local laws may require that posters be displayed in a language other than English - usually any language that is spoken by at least 10 percent of the workforce.
  • Once all mandatory notice requirements have been posted in accordance with applicable laws, an employer should consider whether any other information should be posted, such as an attendance policy, an antiharassment policy or an employee solicitation policy. This tends to enhance employees' understanding of and familiarity with employer expectations.

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