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Employee Communications: Kentucky

Employee Communications requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Wendy C. Hyland, Fisher Phillips


  • The general rule in Kentucky is one of employment at will, unless the parties clearly state an intention to alter the at-will relationship. See Employment at Will.
  • Employee handbooks for Kentucky employers must include disclaimers that the terms do not constitute a contract for employment for any specified period of time. See Employment at Will.
  • Kentucky law requires employers to post notices regarding child labor, equal employment opportunity, occupational safety and health, unemployment benefits, wage discrimination because of sex, wage and hour law and workers' compensation. See Postings Required by Kentucky Law.
  • Kentucky allows the use of restrictive covenants in employment agreements as long as they are reasonable in timeframe and geographic scope. See Communicating Sensitive Information.
  • Kentucky employers have qualified immunity with respect to job references. See Reference Checks.
  • Kentucky law has no blacklisting prohibition. See Blacklisting.
  • Kentucky restricts certain uses of mobile devices while driving. See Restricting Employee Communications; Use of Mobile Devices.
  • Public employers should use caution when restricting employee communications that may be protected. See Restricting Employee Communications; Whistleblower Communications.